Eating with Intention

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Our Mission..

Is to help you to incorporate more plant-based meals into your daily life!

Whether a lifelong vegan or aspiring plant eater, our hope is that we can:

  • Provide facts about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle on your mind, body, and the planet!
  • Share experiences from the best plant-based restaurants in Philadelphia!
  • Motivate you with flavorful, easy dishes, and show that veganism is inclusive / not a cult!

Why Plant-Based?

Plant-based eating contains low amounts of animal products and focuses on nutrient-dense plant products. All the recipes we share exclude animal products. Some of the most common benefits of plant-based eating include:

Improve your Health

Studies show a plant-based lifestyle can decrease risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases. It also helps lower cholesterol, BMI, and blood pressure — among many other things.

Animal Welfare

If you’re eating plant-based, you aren’t participating in the slaughter of animals. Over 23 million land animals that are killed daily in the U.S. alone for human consumption.

Planet Earth

Water usage and deforestation are massively impacting the planet for the worse. With one plant-based meal a week, you can make a HUGE difference improving food supply and saving resources world wide!

Did You Know?

Impressed young curly haired woman stares away shocked. She carries variety of green vegetables picked up directly from field harvest on a farm isolated over pink background. Spring harvest concept
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Reduction in risk of prostate cancer by removing meat + dairy from your diet

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Gallons of water saved by eating one plant-based meal a week

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Amount of animals slaughtered each year for consumption

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