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Hello vegan-friendly or vegan-curious (or somewhere in between) friends! Blayre and Maggie here. Thanks for looking behind the curtain of Plant-Based Philly Taste.

We started PBPT to share vegan dishes with you that are fun, easy, and approachable to make… because it should be easy to make a positive difference in the world, your body, and your mind!


As you can tell from our name, Philadelphia is our heart. With a combined 10+ years living in the most cultured city in the world, we aim to showcase all the amazing eats the city has to offer. Unsurprisingly, there are a plethora of vegan options!


Maggie's "Why"

Maggie began her plant-based journey in 2011, when she went vegetarian cold turkey (pun very much intended) after taking an environmental ethics class in college. In 2018, she made the switch to fully vegan and has never looked back. She went vegan for the animals, but the positive effects eating plant-based has had on her body and mind have been magical!

Blayre's "Why"

Blayre wandered into the plant-based world when he met Maggie in 2020. He has always had a passion for health and fitness, and often chose vegetarian and vegan meals, but hadn’t made the jump to fully plant-based until then. Blayre is primarily vegetarian for his vitality and the environment, and constantly in awe by how creative, flavorful, and sustainable eating plant-based is!

BB eating in Columbus Park.

Our Fave Foods

Favorite Breakfast
Tofu scramble w/ avocado toast
Waffles w/ banana & chocolate syrup, topped with blueberries
Favorite Lunch
A biiiig Greek salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, cucumbers, vegan feta, croutons, and Greek dressing
Tacos, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, cheez, Cholula
Favorite Dinner
Baked Mac & Cheez w/ BBQ jackfruit
Asian stir fry: I'm talking peppers, onions, garlic, ginger paste, broccoli, peanut sauce, and tofu/tempeh over fluffy basmati rice
Favorite Snack
Pretzels & homemade hummus
PB&J x Trader Joes Panda Puffs
Favorite Potato
Mashed potatoes, with a close second all other forms of potatoes... I love potatoes
Favorite Condiments
BBQ sauce
Top Vegan Brands you'll Love
Field Roast, Wholesome Culture, Don't Eat the Homies
Darë, Synergy, Chnge
Favorite Adult Beverage

After all that, we know what you’re thinking… where do we get our protein?!
Check out info on important topics like sustainability, animal rights, health and wellness, the best Philly restaurants and more.

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